Secret Santa Heartbreaker… Christmas Card 2014… DONE!

Here she is… Secret Santa Heartbraker! Finally we can see why she is shedding those tears! Not for a man, NO! But for Chanel…. Ahhhhhhh Chanel and your glorious black bag of infinite beauty. My aim was to continue with my current theme of tragic heroines and fashion, and this is the result of this year’s festive snapshot! The romance comics of the 1960’s gave my creative brain alot of fodder in regards to women and tears. I wanted a cheeky twist for the melancholy of the festive period, and this narrative fitted the bill. A few of my naughtier friends, have pointed out her slightly suggestive pose, but it just adds to the sinister undertones of the moment, I like to think; ‘cinematic…’  I was originally designing this card just for me, to send out to friends, family and art directors/magazine folk, but interest in Secret Santa Heartbraker, has changed its direction, and now I open it up to you all for purchasing! I am presently waiting on a sample back from the printers, for quality control, naturally, and once I like what I see, I will accept anyone’s interest in placing an order with me. Prices will be confirmed once the original card has been approved, but P&P will be added if i cannot deliver to you in person. If like what you see, and think you may know a fashionista who would love to see this on her/his mantlepiece, please drop me a line at and i will answer all your queries. Maybe next year I will launch a full set! Oooooooooh now there is an idea! Enjoy! X20140814_18475920140831_13481820140831_13482520140831_13484020140817_113148


About Sarah Fuller Illustration

Finally, after graduating May 2000 from The University of Manitoba, Canada,with a BFA Honours in Fine Arts degree, then an MA in Fine Arts from Brighton University, then onto a research PhD in liverpool (which has now become defunct due to finances) i am now going for it...welcome to my world of breaking the industry as a fashion this space...
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3 Responses to Secret Santa Heartbreaker… Christmas Card 2014… DONE!

  1. Gerry Proctor says:

    Thank you for making me think about Christmas on the last day of August! Love the card though! Another amazing creation of yours.

    Shame Santa doesn’t have the whip in his hand from driving those reindeers as that would really add to the feeling of 50 Shades!

    All the best,


    • Evening Gerry,
      Firstly I wanted to beat the shops and be the leader of spreading such festive cheer in a very Stepford Wives meets Bad Santa kinda way.
      Secondly, the Chanel bag can easily be replaced with whichever prop you so desire. I could do a spin off series, where people name their favourite prop and i draw it in! Magic! Like your thinking Gerry.

      See you soon for a peppermint tea,
      Sarah X

      • Jacquie Fuller says:

        Hi Sarah,
        I really like it now that it’s finished.Good luck with the sales.Great advertising for Chanel!

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