Liverpool Fashion Designer, Kirsty Doyle meets Sarah Fuller Illustration for OPEN Magazine; Part 1

KD Yellow Pleated Dress FINAL20140919_18221020140919_182144It’s here… OPEN Magazine has launched ‘The Serial Kidders’ Issue for Oct/Nov 2014. If you live in Liverpool, pick up a copy asap and turn to page 26, et voila, ‘Liverpool Fashion Sketchival; Artistic Inspiration Meets Top Local Designers’. That’s me, that is. I am the Artistic Inspiration part, well my illustrations are. OPEN Magazine is a fabulous, printed gem; conceived, written, photographed & edited by a team of scousers, who are truly some of the friendliest and cheekiest people i have had the pleasure to meet. You can have some, ‘proper good banter’ with them all. Michael, one of the two directors at the magazine, approached me with the idea of doing a collaboration with local Liverpool fashion designers. The concept was simple; Take a regular fashion photo shoot and replace the camera with a black inky pen. An illustrated interpretation of a designers collection. DONE! I chose three of my favourite Liverpool fashion designers to work with. The first illustration, is this piece by Kirsty Doyle. Kirsty invited me to sit in with her and the model, Jodie, while she shot the beginning of her AW14 collection. A gorgeous studio, full of fabric swatches, sewing machines and rails of her immediate collection, patiently waiting to be worn. Kirsty left it up to me, to decide which pieces to work from. I love the above dress. It represents such beautiful tailoring, incredibly feminine yet strong in both structure and line. I wanted to create an apposing dialogue between the dress and the illustration, which was achieved through fully saturated, candy pop colours and a simple nod to all things retro. The houndstooth circle is like an oversized fashion halo, watching over ‘that girl’ on a saturday night. 5 more to come… Happy Saturday! S x


About Sarah Fuller Illustration

Finally, after graduating May 2000 from The University of Manitoba, Canada,with a BFA Honours in Fine Arts degree, then an MA in Fine Arts from Brighton University, then onto a research PhD in liverpool (which has now become defunct due to finances) i am now going for it...welcome to my world of breaking the industry as a fashion this space...
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