Crying Girl Violet (nee Dolce)… A work in progress

Crying Girl Violet 3Crying Girl Violet 2

Good afternoon, So here is my current Crying Girl in progress. She is very nearly complete, and she has been a real labour of love. She currently stands at approx 90 X 90 cm, and that is without her additional border. She has been a huge ongoing commitment, but she is worth it. Originally i named her, Drowning Girl Dolce, but she has now been renamed; Crying Girl Violet. Why? Legal reasons. Drowning Girl was a direct link from the original Pop Art painting, and my illustration itself, was inspired by Dolce & Gabbana’s runway catwalk AW13 collection, so I have changed Dolce to Violet. As I plan to print my Crying Girl Series onto fabric, I also have to change the speech bubbles, so they are not directly commenting, even with a tongue in cheek twist, from the original piece.  I initially had planned for this illustration to say; I don’t care! I would rather drown in Dolce & Gabbana than call Brad for help! But now, it has been changed. This also protects my work, as Dolce & Gabbana is already a trademark name. So much to learn and understand, when taking one of my illustrations from paper to printed fabric. So I am thinking of filling the speech bubbles with opposing designers fabrics and prints for a visual contrast, and combining my logo to create a strong, aesthetic brand. So much to consider when transferring an illustration into a product for retail! Happy Sunday… S X


About Sarah Fuller Illustration

Finally, after graduating May 2000 from The University of Manitoba, Canada,with a BFA Honours in Fine Arts degree, then an MA in Fine Arts from Brighton University, then onto a research PhD in liverpool (which has now become defunct due to finances) i am now going for it...welcome to my world of breaking the industry as a fashion this space...
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