Kitty’s Crying Girls…A work/show in progress

Crying Girl Balmain 2It’s been a while since my last post. Things have changed and progression is evident in so many amazing ways! Firstly, incase you have not seen it, I now am the proud owner of a new website! Yes, is up and running, and this makes me so happy! A new platform to exhibit and showcase my illustration work. I have been working very hard, creating many new Crying Girl Fashionistas, to my ongoing series / body of work. I think I have about 15 of these tearful beauties now, all in various stages of painted completion or undress, but the team is gathering an array of new catwalk inspirations every week! So what will happen with body of work? Am glad you asked, the aim is to get my girls, mounted and framed, and show ready! Yes I am indeed in the beginning phase, of putting together ideas for a show  of my fashion illustrations. So far, I have made two huge lists of both work and what I have to do. Two HUGE lists. I am a list girl. I love a list. But as you can see, from the montage above, these girls need alot more work. But I have faith I can do this, and by posting it on here, it becomes real, when read by someone else. So in honour of the opening credits to the quintessential, Texan soap; Dallas – the above montage merely illustrates a fabulous and promising beginning (but no JR or Bobby Ewing in the Shower dream sequence) to what i hope to be my first solo show! Coming Soon… Yikes! Cue 1960’s cheesey pop song… XX

About Sarah Fuller Illustration

Finally, after graduating May 2000 from The University of Manitoba, Canada,with a BFA Honours in Fine Arts degree, then an MA in Fine Arts from Brighton University, then onto a research PhD in liverpool (which has now become defunct due to finances) i am now going for it...welcome to my world of breaking the industry as a fashion this space...
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